Pastor Glenn Shewchuk

Pastor Glenn Shewchuk

An ordained minister with the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada, he has been preaching a message of hope for over a quarter century in the province of Quebec and around the world. His sermons have been broadcast on Christian radio. He is currently the lead pastor at Chateauguay Community Church.

Present Ministry

Along with being a senior pastor, Pastor Glenn has preached on several continents in churches, at conferences and men’s retreats along with hosting a regular broadcast on WCHP. He has been interviewed on national TV as well.

Past Ministry

A former banker, Pastor Shewchuk has been president of Reach Out Ministries International. He was senior pastor at St. Lazare Christian Fellowship in St. Lazare, Qc., Dorion Evangelical Church, in Dorion,Qc., and Granby Pentecostal Church in Granby, Qc. He has been an assistant pastor at Carrefour Chretien de l’Estrie in Sherbrooke, Qc., and Lennoxville Pentecostal Church in Lennoxville, Qc.

Personal Note

Pastor Glenn is madly in love with his wife, Ruth, extremely proud of his three kids, and is deeply loved by his dog. He is a terrible golfer, but enjoys it anyway, and he also enjoys swimming, skiing, jogging, and working out. He’s an avid student of Greek and Hebrew. On occasion, he gets himself in trouble with his sense of humour.