Do you know for sure?

Simply by asking God to forgive our sins and believing that Jesus gave his life on the cross to pay our way to heaven, we are saved. The Bible shows us that we cannot earn our own salvation, but that Jesus paid the full price for our sins when He died on the cross in our place. Doing good deeds cannot get us into heaven because no one is good enough. The Bible says that “All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” We have all made mistakes. Everyone has sinned. That’s why we need a saviour.

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We Are…

…a Bible based Church

We believe that the Bible is God’s Word to man, and that it provides the instructions and information necessary for eternal life and spiritual health. God’s Word is the basis for everything that we do.

…a Bible preaching Church

The Bible gives us the Good News of Jesus Christ: His coming to Earth, His death, and His resurrection, which allows each of us to enter into a personal relationship with God. This is our message.

…a people-friendly Church

Everyone is invited to join in our many programs and activities for men, women, adults, youth, children, and families. There is a place here for you.

…a caring Church

God wants his people to look after each other. We are here to offer encouragement, comfort, and support in trying times.

…a Community Church

Jesus also instructed His disciples to care for the physical and spiritual well-being of those around them. We believe that it is not enough to preach God’s word; we must roll up our sleeves and practice God’s word.

…a welcoming Church

God’s House is a “House of prayer for all nations.” Our services are held in English, but we are not restricted by language or culture.
All are welcome.